Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Back Together Rumors: Did One Direction Crooner Send ‘Blank Space’ Lyrics Songstres 1,989 Roses For The Success Of Her Album?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles back together rumors surfaced when the One Direction crooner allegedly sent 1,989 roses to congratulate the “Blank Space” lyrics songstress for the success of her album, “1989.”

However, the 20-year-old pop singer denied the rumors in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“I know about the rumor.

I don’t know anything about the roses.

I think it might have been someone else and I may have falsely, apparently, I get credit for it,” he said.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles back together reports were also ignited when the two attended a concert of the 1975 held at the Palladium in Los Angeles.

“I was on the floor and I saw them in what I believe was a VIP section.

They were both dressed in black and they were very friendly towards each other,” claimed an eyewitness to Entertainment Tonight.

Despite parting ways in a not so amicable manner, one source tells Us Weekly  that the “Blank Space” lyrics songstress is happy that she and Styles are back on speaking terms: “Taylor has been bragging to her trainer and celeb friends that she and Harry are talking again.” Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s break up took place in January 2013 after a few months of dating.

As opposed to reports that the blonde beauty’s “clingy and desperate” throughout their relationship, US Weekly  previously reported that it was Styles’ infidelity which ruined their romance.

The “I Knew You Were Trouble” songstress allegedly saw a photo of Styles making out with a friend.

“The whole time she says she feels like he’s looking at every girl,” said the tipster.

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