Tales From The Borderlands Release Date, Spoilers, Characters, And Trailer: New Details From NYCC Patrick Warburton And Chris Hardwick To Voice [VIDEO]

“Tales From The Borderlands” is coming, and release date will likely be announced soon.

Borderlands is a loot and scoot, run and gun kind of game, and Telltlae does decision based story centered games with very little action.

Its kind of a hard thing to imagine, but if they can combine Telltale’s very real human relationships, with Borderland’s humorous satire on the human condition, it could really shape up to be one hell of a game, that allows the player to slow down and really take in the “Borderlands” world in a way you just can’t do when you are constantly being ambushed and switching out loot.

Telltale community @puzzlebox  has described the project genesis on her twitter as follows: “Telltalegames and Gearbox Software got drunk at last year’s VGAs and now they’re having a Borderlands baby”.

It is going to be a Telltale style decions based point and click game, set in the normally FPS “Borderlands” world.

Set after the events of “Borderlands 2″ Arcade Sushi  got some hands on time with the game and had this to say, ” These Tales of the Borderlands will be full of fish stories and tall tales, and it will be up to us players to weed through the bullcrap and find the truth behind what’s going on.

There will be Borderlands-style gunfights, there will be Telltale-esque quandaries, and based on this demo it’ll be a perfect hybrid experience that fans of both sides can appreciate.

I still don’t know for sure when Tales of Borderlands is coming, but after this taste, I hope it’s soon.” Joystiq said, ” With the recent release of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel , Gearbox knows it may have some fans with questions on how the series’ timeline is organized.

That’s understandable when your latest game is sub-titled ” The Pre-Sequel .” To bring order to the chaos, the series developer offered an ” ultimate Borderlands timeline ” on its blog late last week.” Bloody Disgusting  said, ” We went in skeptical and left true believers.

Tales from The Borderlands  is an exceptionally funny romp that should be on Telltale and Borderlands fans radar.

Hell, even if you’ve never played a Telltale or Borderlands game I still whole-heartedly recommend Tales from The Borderlands.” The events of “Tales From The Borderlands” take place after the events of “Borderlands 2,” not to be confused with “Borderlands the Pre Sequel” which takes place between “Borderlands” and “Borderlands 2.” However, plot events from “Tales From The Borderlands” do connect with “The Pre Sequel” in some ways that have not been made clear(Confused Yet?)The game is actaully told from two playable character’s perspectives, and you play their story, both of their stories, not what actually happened.

Rhys (played by Sam Witwer aka Crashdown from Battlestar Galactica) and Fiona, who both work for Hyperion.

It starts when Vasquez calls them into their office about a vault key, and gets crazier from there.

Telltale Games Kevin Bruner explains that “you never really play what actually happened, you’re playing this Big Fish version of what happened.” Set in the world of Pandora and following the events of Borderlands 2 , the humour of Gearbox’s series will remain, and as Bruner says “…you have to have crazy, over-the-top action scenes, or it’s not a Borderlands game.” Gearbox writer Anthony Burch says Tales from the Borderlands is about the people of Pandora, and not about characters from the series, though they will make an appearance.

He says the story will be “more about schmos trying to get by…that makes the world feel much more real.” “We’re not making up a lot of these details [in Tales from the Borderlands],” Bruner says.

“These details are in canon.

They’re from the Gearbox universe.

But there just isn’t as much of an opportunity in Borderlands to experience it.” “In the first-person shooter, you’re responsible for tons of the chaos,” he says.

“You go through and you’re just laying waste everywhere.

But what would it be like to live in that world and have that be your reality? To have to grow up in that? “What would it be like, instead of being a vault hunter, to be a person who has to deal with that world and to try to make your way through it?” Gamefront  had some hands on time with the game and had this to say about it, ” While the lack of run and gun is to be expected in this story and choice driven game, don’t expect that to mean a lack of action.

Within my 30 minutes with Tales, I found myself surrounded by Psycho Bandits, engaged in an all-out shoot-out, but this time with Loaders on my side.

I witnessed a vault hunter discover a chest out in the desert, only to be murdered by a bandit whose remaining seconds in life were to be spent being accidentally run over by my car.

I even got to witness a Nomad kicking down a port-a-potty and rip off the door to use as it’s iconic shield.

Not only that, but I collected some dollars and potentially sweet loot for all of my trouble.

What will those dollars buy me? Only more time with the game will tell.” Arcade Sushi  also had some hadns on time with the game and said, ” On the surface Tales from the Borderlands is a Telltale game: walk around and investigate areas, interact with people and things by pressing a button, choose one of four dialogue options with one of the four buttons on the controller, etc.

However, the Borderlands influence serves as a new foundation, injecting the trademark sarcastic humor and lots of action sequences into the Telltale formula.

One section of the game had me customizing a fighting mech to drop down to the surface and help me against attacking bandits.

Should I load it out with massive firepower, or should I focus on its defensive capabilities? I loaded it out and it ended up getting destroyed, but if I had given it a riot shield perhaps I could have returned it to Hyperion unscathed.

I won’t know until the real game comes, but the possibilities are intriguing.” “Tales From The Borderlands” does not have an official release date yet, but it is listed as coming out in the 4th Quarter of 2014, so check back for more information as we get closer to the release date.

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