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WATCH: Nam Joo Hyuk & Shin Se Kyung Display Strong Chemistry In ‘Bride Of The Water God’ Teaser

WATCH:  Nam Joo Hyuk & Shin Se Kyung Display Strong Chemistry In 'Bride Of The Water God' Teaser

tVN has finally released the first trailer for its upcoming fantasy drama “Bride of the Water God.” The short teaser is enough to depict the strong chemistry between lead stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung. The teaser for “Bride of the Water God” featured a short clip of Nam Joo Hyuk, who plays the water god Ha Baek as he meets with his supposed bride So Ah, played by Shin Se Kyung. Their meeting is set amid the falling cherry blossoms with the couple staring intently at each other. According to a report by Soompi , “Bride of the Water God” is the contemporary adaptation of a manhwa and will feature the water god Ha Baek and his bride So Ah in a modern day setting. “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” star Nam Joo Hyuk was one of the first to become part of the cast while “The Girl Who Sees Smells” actress Shin Se Kyung accepted the lead role soon after. In an interview with Nam Joo Hyuk during the table read for “Bride of the Water God,” the actor described his character as cold, chic and filled with confidence. Shin Se Kyung, for her part, shared

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‘Goblin’ Doubles Earnings Of ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ On VOD, Becomes Most Watched Video On Demand Series

'Goblin' Doubles Earnings Of 'Descendants Of The Sun' On VOD

Gong Yoo’s “Goblin” has finally beat “Descendants of the Sun” as the most watched video on demand series. The tvN hit fantasy drama dethroned action drama topbilled by Song Song couple Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki which aired in early 2016 by nearly doubled revenues. According to a report by Soompi, figures reported by Cable TV-IPTV indicated that throughout December 2016 to February 2017 pegged the total income from video on demand subscription for the drama at 14 billion won which roughly translates to $12.5 million. While the drama has already ended in January this year, this revenue means that there are still 15-16 million viewers who are rewatching the drama. Before the feat was achieved by “Goblin”, the top sellers for VOD were “Reply 1988” which raked in a total of 300 million or approximately $6.2 million. The figures for “Descendants of the Sun” was not released officially but sources estimate the revenue to be roughly the same as “Reply 1988.” At the height of its success, “Descendants of the Sun” also enjoyed huge popularity on Baidu’s streaming platform from China which brought streaming rights to the show and helped shoulder 40 percent of $11 million

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‘Descendants Of The Sun 2’ News: Lee Min Ho To Join Cast? Song Joong Ki’s Instagram Post Fan Hope For Sequel

'Descendants Of The Sun 2' News: Lee Min Ho To Join Cast? Song Joong Ki's Instagram Post Fan Hope For Sequel

After the massive success of his comeback drama “Legend of the Blue Sea,” is Lee Min Ho considering joining the potential sequel of another hit drama? Rumors have recently surfaced that Suzy Bae’s boyfriend is the latest star that is in talks to join the cast of “Descendants of the Sun 2”. According to a rumors , Lee Min Ho is a strong contender to join the show after he topped the survey of most popular Korean actors conducted on American drama fans. The strong performance of his recent comeback, which resulted in posting 20 percent ratings high, also made Lee Min Ho’s appearance in Descendants of the Sun 2 a much anticipated news among fans. Should the rumors prove to be true, Lee Min Ho will definitely not feel like a stranger to doing action drama like Descendants of the Sun. He has previously starred in the very successful City Hunter series, which is also being rumored to be developing a second season, reported Kpopstarz . Aside from City Hunter, Lee Min Ho has also starred in Faith, where he played the role of a captain in the Joseon era. He also starred in movies like Gangnam Blues. Meanwhile,

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‘Bride Of The Water God’ 2017 Cast: Nam Joo Hyuk , Shin Se Kyung, Gong Myung & Krystal To Start Filming Next Week

'Bride Of The Water God' 2017 Cast: Nam Joo Hyuk

Fans who missed “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” star Nam Joo Hyuk will finally get to see him again in a fantasy drama from tvN. The actor has been cast as the lead in the webtoon adaptation “Bride of the Water God” 2017. According to a report by Soompi , tvN has announced that the initial script reading for the drama will be on March 16. The “Bride of the Water God” 2017 cast will start shooting as early as March 22. Based on the official announcement by the network, besides Nam Joo Hyuk, stars confirmed to appear in “Bride of the Water God” 2017 are Shin Se Kyung, as well as Gong Myung, and f(x) member Krystal. Nam Joo Hyuk will play the role of Ha Baek, the water god while Shin Se Jyung will take on the role of Soah, a girl who is sacrificed to be his bride. The original manhwa is set as a period piece as villagers suffering from drought offer up a sacrifice to the water god to appease him. However, early reports hint that “Bride of the God” 2017 will adopt a modern spin to the tale. According to a report by Kpopstarz

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