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BIG BANG Takes VIPs On Hilarious Camping Adventure For Youtube Reality Show ‘Run BIG BANG Scout’; First Episode Airs April 26

BIG BANG Takes VIPs On Hilarious Camping Adventure For Youtube Reality Show 'Run BIG BANG Scout'; First Episode Airs April 26

If BIG BANG fans thought that BIG BANG simply went on hiatus for T.O.P’s mandatory military enlistment, they’re in for a treat as G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri had one last surprise up their sleeve for their VIPs. BIG BANG will be starring in a youtube RED original series which will help fans learn more about them while they go on a camping adventure. According to All Kpop , Run BIG BANG Scout! is a commemoration of BIG BANG’s 10 th  anniversary as a group and their gift to their loyal VIPs all around the world who may be missing the boys since T.O.P’s enlistment. The reality show is youtube RED originals. Based on the  trailer  released by BIG BANG, Run BIG BANG welcomes their fans to an awesome adventure as they are cutely clad in Boy Scout uniforms. BIG BANG maknae Seungri leads the charge as he doubles as the host for their missions and his hyungs tease him mercilessly with every comment According to the teaser, the show is hosted by BIG BANG with Seungri insisting that he is the captain with G-Dragon, T.O.P., Daesung and Taeyang laughing all the way through as they try to imitate

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Malaysian Authorities Warn Against ‘K-pop Syndicate’ Proliferating On Social Media

Malaysian authorities are warning fans against the proliferation of a K-pop syndicate online. Authorities have so far arrested several masterminds of the scams but still want the public to become careful lest they become victims of unscrupulous entities online. According to a report by Malaysian Digest , the K-pop syndicate preys on fans by sending them private messages through the official Facebook posting of concerts, making it appear that the messages are from official representatives of the label or the promoter. One the victims was a student who said that she was approached by a certain individual named Wong Mei Kei about a mini album event of K-pop idol group Red Velvet. The victim said that Wong claimed to be affiliated with Ticket Charge and had tickets available. After sending RM 180 for her ticket, she was messaged by the account holder that she would need to deposit yet another RM 360 to purchase two more tickets before her first ticket would be released. The account holder named Tan You Shen reportedly claimed that another buyer named Amy will return her money to her but the victim refused, sensing that there was something wrong with the transaction. Her hunch was

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GOT7’s Jinyoung, 2PM’s Nichkhun Confirmed To Star In JYP Web Series ‘School of Magic’

GOT7's Jinyoung

Fangirls will definitely feel excited to learn two of the hottest K-pop idols will be joining the cast of a JYP Entertainment-produced web drama. GOT7 Jinyoung and 2PM leader Nichkhun have been confirmed for the project “School of Magic.” According to a report by Soompi , aside from Jinyoung, and Nichkhun, Yoon Park Ryu Seung Soo and Shin Eun Soo will round up the five main characters of the series. The series is expected to start filming by July this year and release in the second half of the year through various channels. “School of Magic” will be a series based on the experiences that the youth encounter these days. Aside from the usual joys and fun adventures, the series is also expected to tackle failures and challenges that young people are faces with. Based on the early synopsis released for “School of Magic”, the five characters will meet in a school of magic. The five characters will have different personalities and backgrounds. Jinyoung will play the role of Nara, a college student who dreams of becoming a public official. However, while he is studious and focused, he lacks experience in dating and is ill-equipped in matters of the heart,

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Here’s How GFRIEND Yuju Almost Had A Duet With Taylor Swift, Plus Her Other Quirks Revealed!

Here's How GFRIEND Yuju Almost Had A Duet With Taylor Swift

GRIEND  may have hordes of fans and a solid following as one of the biggest K-pop idol groups but this doesn’t mean that its members don’t fangirl over other artists as well. GFRIEND’s Yuju , in particular  shared her funny fangirling moment on an interview on Cultwo Show. According to a report by All Kpop , GFRIEND stopped the radio show to promote their new album “The Awakening.” During the interview, GFRIEND members Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji shared with their fans anecdotes and weird habits to help fans get to know them better. During the interview, it was revealed that GFRIEND Yuju had a very weird sleeping habit and even spoke in her sleep. She admitted that sometimes, their dreams seemed so real that she had trouble determining whether things happened in her dream or reality. Her dream seemed so real at one point that she really thought that she was scheduled to do a duet with pop star Taylor Swift. She said that she was really excited about the project. “One time in my dream, I was told that I’m going to be singing a duet with pop star Taylor Swift. I even had a discussion

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