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The Wait Is Over With GOT7’s Comeback ‘Never Ever’ To Give More Mature Image To Igot7

The Wait Is Over With GOT7's Comeback 'Never Ever' To Give More Mature Image To Igot7

GOT7 has just released their new song MV’s “Never Ever.” This comeback has been waited by Igot7 because it took several months for the group to comeback with this new album. Also, it is the third album from the “FLIGHT LOG” album series. Released on March 13, GOT7’s comeback has manlier concept than before. Also, the group has shown their mature image compared to their early songs like “A” and “Just Right.” Reported by AllKpop , the new album “Flight Log: Arrival” consisted of 8 songs. With title track “Never Ever,” the remaining songs were “Paradise,” “Shopping Mall,” “Sign,” “Go Higher,” “Q,” “Don’t Care,” and “Out.” In the new MV, it seems like the story behind all the MVs has been revealed. It turns out that Jinyoung is the one be saved by the member (Mark) and he can get his consciousness back. The lyric is quite catchy saying to never even let go of the girl again. Some of the songs are written by the members themselves. Also, they make contribution to the lyrics. But for the title track “Never Ever,” JYP himself composed the song, according to OneHallyu . Since their debut, it is the first song composed

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