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‘Water Monster’ Cast News: Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Makes Movie Debut; Filming Starts After Group’s Promotion

'Water Monster' Cast News: Girl's Day's Hyeri Makes Movie Debut; Filming Starts After Group's Promotion

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri is considered doing a great job in acting as an idol as she has starred in many hit dramas. Also, her acting has already been recognized by many people. Hyeri will once again delve in acting as she will soon star in a movie. Hyeri has just been confirmed to star “Water Monster,”  AllKpop  reported. It would be Hyeri’s debut in a movie. Her agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, said that she would start filming after finishing promotion with Girl’s Day. The new album of the group is scheduled to release on Mar. 27. Hearing the statement from the agency, fans are delighted as they will see Hyeri during Girl’s Day promotion. As for Hyeri, this new movie will be her chance to improve her acting. “Water Monster” will be directed by Heo Jong Ho and the leads will be Hyeri and Kim Myung Min. This drama is a historical comedy that will be interesting for the audience to watch. Hyeri along with tree other members, Minah, Sojin and Yura have been successful in bringing fame to Girl’s Day. They have captivated fans’ heart with their beautiful and sexy concept. Their vocals are also on point and they deliver

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