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GOT7 Were Looking Serious On MV Making Film Of ‘Never Ever’

GOT7 Were Looking Serious On MV Making Film Of 'Never Ever'

It’s just around the clock for GOT7 to have their comeback with “Never Ever.” The third part of their album series has been waited by Igot7. As they have released some teaser images and short clips, recently they showed the making film for the video, showing serious faces. As reported by AllKpop , GOT7 would have their “Flight Log: Arrival” on March 13. The boys released some photos from behind the scene of MV making of “Never Ever.” Putting serious faces, the members looked more mature and manly than before. In the MV making, Junior was like being trapped in a big glass cage and other members were looking serious and in a depth thinking. Other members but Junior were having the scene outside the cage. Junior is known for his acting after he played in several dramas and movie. His latest movie “Nunbal” really showed his talent in acting. Thus, in the MV, Junior is the main lead of the story. Yet, there is no clear story about it as GOT7 put the stories bit by bit on the first and second album of the series. This third album will have the answer of the whole story. Regarding the

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GOT7 Releases New Teaser Photos Of JB And Mark For ‘Flight Log: Arrival’ Comeback Album

GOT7 Releases New Teaser Photos Of JB And Mark For 'Flight Log: Arrival' Comeback Album

JYP Entertainment is really going all out for the promotion of GOT7’s comeback album “Flight Log: Arrival.” After releasing the hauntingly beautiful yet confusing teaser for the MV and subsequently releasing a jam-packed  schedule leading up to March 13 release of the full album, they are back with individual teaser photos of the GOT7 members. According to a report by Soompi , JYP has released individual teaser images for the boys through their official Twitter account. GOT7 leader JB was the first get his solo teaser out but the label wanted to fans of Mark to be happy as well so they released Mark’s individual photo and another featuring JB and Mark together. But wait, there’s more. The label also shared a preview clip on their  Instagram  showing JB in a car at night featuring a funky background sound. There’s also another clip of Mark seemingly posing for a photo shoot but he also seems to be sitting on the hood of a car. Both preview clips have the same background music. JYP used the hashtag #NeverEver which is the carrier single of the album and fans are already quick to express their excitement on Twitter. Members of the iGOT7,

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