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VICTON Is Back With ‘EYEZ EYEZ’ As Title Track For Mini Album ‘READY’

VICTON Is Back With 'EYEZ EYEZ' As Title Track For Mini Album 'READY'

VICTON is a rookie boy group formed by Plan A Entertainment in 2016. Having the meaning of Voice to the New World for VICTON, they are back with new song “EYEZ EYEZ” and just dropped the MV on March 2. VICTON started their career by releasing mini album “Voice to New World.” According to SeoulBeats , with the title track “I’m Fine,” the boys gave funk and fun vibe to the song. The group consists of six members. They are Seungwoo, Seungsik, Byungchan, Chan, Subij, and Hanse. The youngest among all is Subin who is 19 years old in 2017. Before debuting as VICTON, the boys had released a digital single “Begin Again.” The agency is the same with A PINK’s agency and they did well to promote VICTON. Got good feedbacks for both pre-debut and debut singles, they are back with mini album “READY.” The new mini album will have 5 tracks in a total. “EYEZ EYEZ,” “In the Air,” “SUNRISE” and two other songs will be in the album. For title track, “EYEZ EYEZ” is chosen. According to AllKpop , the boys gave fiercer and darker concept than before. The clear voices of the members could be seen

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VICTON Reveals Second MV Preview For ‘EYEZ EYEZ’, Teaser Discloses Charismatic Change!

VICTON Reveals Second MV Preview For 'EYEZ EYEZ'

VICTON has reportedly revealed a second MV sneak preview for “EYEZ EYEZ.” The boys are apparently going for a darker, more charismatic change. According to Allkpop , this time VICTON did a complete shift from their debut song “I’m Fine”. Allegedly, in this one, fans get more close-ups on the boys’ remarkable visuals and, presumably being entertained to a bit longer glimpse at the MV. They have also released three group teaser images. VICTON, according to Kpopmap , is coming back full force with powerful choreography and sexy charisma based on their newly released teaser trailer. VICTON’s second mini-album, “READY” is going to be released in just a matter of days. Seemingly, the boys have also just unveiled their first trailer video to showcase their new concept. The video was released on the VICTON’s official SNS channels where the new track’s highlight segments were showcased to the public. What apparently caught the eyes of their fans were the boys’ impressive KalGunMu choreography that is perfectly synchronized. Compared to its debut track “Fine”, VICTON will be doing a comeback with more powerful dance moves, accompanied by a more mature manly image. “EYEZ EYEZ” and the mini-album “READY” will reportedly be released

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