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Sandara Park News: Sandara Starts Filming For ‘Cheese In The Trap’ Movie, Says Acting Is Hard But She’s Excited About It

Sandara Park News: Sandara Starts Filming For 'Cheese In The Trap' Movie

After the release of her debut movie “One Step” earned positive reviews from critics and viewers alike, former 2NE1 member Sandara Park has begun filming for the movie adaptation of “Cheese in the Trap.” The K-pop idol turned film actress was spotted on set looking the part of a college student as she mingled with her co-stars while on break. According to a loose translation of Sandara’s Line diary entry made by Parkers , Sandara said she was still the learning a lot of things about acting, but the biggest challenge for her is channeling a different character and separating that with her true personality. She said she got a lot of pointers from her director and her co-workers which helped her portray her new character. In order to do a good job, Sandara said she listened a lot to the inputs of her fellow actors as well as re-read the script over and over. She said that in the middle of one scene, she received a compliment that she really did well. She said she is excited for the “Cheese in the Trap” movie to come out because there is an exciting scene that she still could not share

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