Taeyon’s First Full Album, ‘My Voice’ Unveiled, Two Versions To Come Out

Taeyon's First Full Album

Taeyon's First Full Album, 'My Voice' Unveiled, Two Versions To Come Out

SM Entertainment has just unveiled to the public that Taeyon of Girls’ Generation will be having her first full album that is entitled, “My Voice”. It is also reported that the album will be out in two versions. The first one will take the name of “Fine”, while the second version will be entitled, “I Got Love”. This would surely make her popularity skyrocket, as getting an album to be released in the K-pop industry is the key to reaching popularity and success.
According to Officially K Music , the album will also have separate book covers, photobooks and CD artworks. With it, a poster and some random cards will also be included in the album package. This would surely increase the hype on the upcoming album, as fans not only in Korea, but all over the globe would surely flock stores just to have a physical copy of these in the very near future. One of it will be focusing on the light tone of the upcoming song, “Fine”. On the other hand, the second one will be having a monochrome theme on the song, “I Got Love”. With this, one can surely see how creative and dynamic the identity of Taeyon is. According to All K-pop , “My Voice” will release today, March 28. What this means is that any time soon, everyone can now take part in hearing the new album from the star sensation. It is also reported that there will be a total of 13 songs in the upcoming album. With it, an exclusive track bearing the title, “Time to Walk through Memories”, will also go hand in hand with it. Surely, this first full album will catapult Taeyon to more fortunate events in her blissful and glamorous career in the K-pop industry for meany years to come.

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