Taeyeon Revealed Girls’ Generation Members Were ‘Shocked’ With Sexy ‘I Got Love’ Teaser Images

Taeyeon Revealed Girls' Generation Members Were 'Shocked' With Sexy 'I Got Love' Teaser Images

Taeyeon Revealed Girls' Generation Members Were 'Shocked' With Sexy 'I Got Love' Teaser Images

Taeyeon revealed how co-members from former band “Girls’ Generation” reacted to “I Got Love” teaser images. The revelation was made during “Entertainment Weekly” episode on Saturday, March 11. During the “Entertainment Weekly” episode aired on Saturday, Taeyeon revealed how her former band mates from Girls’ Generation reacted on her teaser images for “I Got Love”, reports Soompi . In the episode, Taeyeon was asked to show her favorite recipe to cook for the viewers. At the same time, the host discussed and asked questions regarding her recent success with her first solo album “My Voice”.
The host suddenly brought up Taeyeon’s teaser images for her “I Got Love” track that showed her new, sexy side. The host then asked what Taeyeon’s former band mates’ reactions were. Taeyeon then explained that this was the first time members from Girls’ Generation saw her in that sexy, provocative dress that showed most of her legs. She also revealed that the members even said that the teaser photos are going to cause pandemonium. Taeyeon also shared how she has garnered multiple nicknames over the years. One nickname given to her was “monthly Taeyeon”. This is a reference to Taeyeon’s habit of promoting and/or releasing new music every year. One nickname she got was through her exchanges with her fans in her social media accounts. “It’s difficult for me to go to every [country], so I think it is right to use social media in such a developed world,” revealed Taeyeon. She also added that social media is not a waste of time. In other news, Taeyeon recently landed the No. 2 spot on Billboard’s World Album Charts for her recently released album “My Voice”, as previously reported . Taeyeon’s “My Voice” also landed the 19 th  spot of Billboard’s Heatseeker Album chart. The album also made it into Billboard Independent Albums chart’s No. 43 spot.

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