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Taeyeon Gets Fans Even More Excited About Solo Album With ‘Fine’ Teaser MV; ‘My Voice’Comes Out On February 28

Taeyeon Gets Fans Even More Excited About Solo Album With 'Fine' Teaser MV; 'My Voice'Comes Out On February 28

Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon is doing a pretty great job keeping her fans excited for her upcoming solo album. After releasing the MV for “I Got Love,” the talented singer has dropped a teaser for her MV “Fine” which has already garnered close to half a million views on youtube only hours after it was uploaded 12 am Monday. Taeyeon’s “Fine” MV teaser was released via SM Town at 12 am on Monday which featured a 29 second clip of the song. The video showed a montage of Taeyeon writing on a notebook while reviewing polaroids of herself and her boyfriend, SBS Pop Asia  reported.
Despite the upbeat alternative pop arrangement of the song and the title “Fine”, it seems that the actual content of the song is anything but the depiction of a happy relationship. The short clip bore the lyrics “Its Not Fine,” which most likely hints at the end of the relationship. The singer has announced that her solo album “My Voice” will come out on February 28. Aside from “I Got Love” and “Fine”, R & B, pop, and pop ballads will be included in her album to show off her range as an artist, All Kpop  reported. Taeyeon has been quite active on social media lately, tweeting clips of the various tracks of her upcoming solo album “My Voice” which is already one of the most highly anticipated albums of Girls’ Generation fans all over the world. The clips and MVs released have also earned positive reviews from fans and music sites. Taeyeon has been praised for her remarkable vocals and distinctive sound which has propelled her pre-release MV “I Got Love” to a whole new level. Because of its edgy vibe, fans have suggested that the track should be used on the soundtrack of a Korean version to “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Some fans have also suggested that the song be used for an action or spy movie similar to James Bond. Commenters also praised the Girls Generation member for being gorgeous.