Taeyeon Dropped The Seventh Clip, Singing ‘Fire’ For The Upcoming Album ‘My Voice’

Taeyeon Dropped The Seventh Clip

Taeyeon Dropped The Seventh Clip, Singing 'Fire' For The Upcoming Album 'My Voice'

Taeyeon is about to drop her full album soon. Her achievement in her solo career has been great and she continues to work hard producing more music. Planning to release the full album on Feb. 28, she has released some teaser clips on SM YouTube Channel. According to MSN , Taeyoen’s full album will be dropped on Feb. 28 with the title “My Voice.” The album will have several songs with the title song “Fine.” The album will be the mix of various genres like ballad, hip hop, R&B, and many more.
Taeyeon has shown her great talent when she sings some songs of different genres. Her range in genres like in “Why,” “I,” “11:11,” and many others have showed that she is capable of singing different genres. Thus, this upcoming album is waited by fans. Previously, Taeyeon has dropped the concept image of “Fine” on Feb. 20. Recently, on Feb. 23, Taeyeon dropped the seventh clip of the album and it was the track 11 of the album with the title “Fire,” according to AllKpop . Taeyeon’s voice is powerful, singing “Fire” in the clip. In the short clip released on SM YouTube Channel, fans can see a glimpse of the MV. There were cookies with the word HIT, a bed, a night light, and two toothbrushes. The light was off at the end of the clip with one toothbrush missing from the scene. Tayeon’s career as a soloist has been stood out among other soloists in Girls Generation. Compared to Tiffany’s and Seohyun’s, Taeyeon’s voice stands out more as she has soft and powerful voice. She also has stable voice during live performance, which makes fans love her more. Meanwhile, Girls Generation is rumored to have a comeback soon this year to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the group. Sunny has given a hint about it although there is no set date yet. For Taeyeon’s and Girls Generation’s comebacks, both will be anticipated a lot by SONE, Girls Generation’s fandom. Read Next: BTS Got The First Win On ‘M!Countdown’ For ‘Spring Day’ Beating Other Idols! Read Also: Say Goodbye to Dry and Clumping Mascara

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