TaeTiSeo Discuss Challenges They Faced While Filming Their ‘Holler’ Music Video

TaeTiSeo Discuss Challenges They Faced While Filming Their 'Holler' Music Video
TaeTiSeo Discuss Challenges They Faced While Filming Their 'Holler' Music Video

Girls’ Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo is making a huge impact on K-Pop music charts with their latest single “Holler,” and members Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun are giving fans a taste of what the ‘making of’ process was like.

On the September 23 episode of their reality show ‘The TaeTiSeo,’ the trio explained the difficulties they encountered while filming their “Holler” music video.

During the broadcast, the TaeTiSeo members showed the viewers their practice room and just how tough the “Holler” choreography is to learn and perform.

 “My leg does not go as far up as it used to in the past,”  Tiffany said of o ne of the dance moves which involves a lot of kicking     The popular idol singers also shared that Taeyeon sustained an injury during the filming of the music video.

Due to the restrictive shoes that were a part of her wardrobe, Taeyeon said that she hurt one of her toenails.

“Right now, the pedicure attached to my big toenail has fallen off,” she explained.

“I don’t know how many times this has happened.” With concern for her groupmate, while they were filming, Seohyun said she made extra certain that Taeyeon’s feet were fine.

“I think it’s cause the front of your heels is pointed,”  Seohyun said to Taeyeon Other footage that the girls shared on the reality program was about how hard each of the members worked when it came to preparations for their new album.

 “We prepared for a long time for TaeTiSeo’s second album,” Tiffany said.

” We really prepared for it like we were filming a movie as we looked over every single outfit with the art team.

Because this is now our product to us.” Lightening the mood a little, Taeyeon also explained her distaste for wearing rings.

She said, “Honestly, out of the accessories, I hate rings the most.

I need to use my hands in the choreography, but [the rings] get in the way.

To tell the truth, my fingers are not pretty when compared to other people’s.

They look a bit strong.”

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