Tablo Self-Censors At Epik High Concert For Daughter Haru’s Benefit

Tablo Self-Censors At Epik High Concert For Daughter Haru's Benefit
Tablo Self-Censors At Epik High Concert For Daughter Haru's Benefit

The audience at Epik High’s November 16 concert heard something rare from the hip-hop group, a curse-free performance.

During Epik High’s PARADE 2014 concert, Tablo announced that his daughter, Haru, was attending the event, surprising the fans in attendance.

Because of this, the rapper changed explicit words, which appear in many Epik High songs, to child-friendly language.

During the performance of one of Epik High’s most recent songs, “Born Hater,” Tablo reportedly switched the line “fxxk ’em'” and other instances of the ‘F’ word to “father.” Haru and Tablo’s wife, Hang Hye Jung, attended the concert.

They were reported to have watched the show from the second floor seated audience.

  The November 16 performance was the final night of Epik High’s three-day concert Parade 2014.

Concerts in South Korea have age ratings similar to movies and television shows, and Parade 2014 had a 15+ rating, where explicit language is allowed.

Korean commenters online were torn between complimenting Tablo on his parenting and criticizing him for bringing his daughter to a concert where fans expected to hear Epik High’s songs as they would normally be performed.

Others said that even with the word changes, the concert was enjoyable because of Epik High’s talent and Tablo’s quick changes to the songs didn’t affect the overall performance.

Epik High performed songs from its most recent album, Shoebox , as well as the group’s older songs.

Shoebox was released on October 21, and was Epik High’s first album since 2012’s 99 .

Shoebox is Epik High’s second album since the hip-hop trio joined YG Entertainment following the end of their contract with Woollim Entertainment.

Haru and Tablo have appeared on KBS’ Superman Is Back since 2013, where the two make up one of the sets of father and child to spend time together without the mothers.


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