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T.O.P’s Sister Requested Fans To Not Send Him Food At Army Training Center Or He Would Get Punishment For That

T.O.P's Sister Requested Fans To Not Send Him Food At Army Training Center Or He Would Get Punishment For That

Different training center for army will have different rule in South Korea. Recently, T.O.P’s sister asked his fans to not send food again to army as the center forbids food delivery. There has been a fuss from T.O.P’s fans since the beginning of his military service. Previously, T.O.P had demanded fans to not send him to army enlistment. He also emphasized his wish to make as quiet as possible for his enlistment. Yet, fans still sent balloon with his name and some banners to the training center. Thus, netizens criticized T.O.P’s fans to not listening to his wish, reported by AllKpop .
T.O.P has been doing fine with his training. Although there was a rumor that he didn’t pass his training due to his missing at the ceremony, but it turned out that he didn’t attend it due to health problem. After the completion of the previous training in Nonsan, he will be moved to training center in Byukjae. The rule in Byukjae stated that the army cannot receive any food delivery and thus there will be penalties got if the rule is broken. Thus, T.O.P sent message to his sister to forbid his fans to send him food because he would get punishment for that. Fulfilling the little brother’s request, T.O.P’s sister had asked fans to not send him food in army in hope that he wouldn’t get punishment, reported by SBS . T.O.P’s sister sent the request on her post on instagram. It seems that T.O.P has been missed by V.I.P as he is one of the members that can ring laughter to the group. Also, T.O.P is known to be so different among other members. He might look tough, but he is quite silly in front of others. Hearing the request, fans just want the best for T.O.P and hope he will complete his army duty soon. Read Next: Kang Ye Won Finally Showed Progress In Singing On ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk’ Season 2, Overcoming Her Singing Trauma