T-ARA’s Agency, “Jiyeon’s Attitde is Hwayoung’s Fault Too… She Was Always Rebelling”

T-ARA's Agency
T-ARA's Agency

T-ARA ‘s agency Core Contents Media’s Kim Kwang Soo revealed an incident of Jiyeon and Hwayoung  along with other stories of Hwayoung.

According to one representative from the music industry, at a music program in 2010, the manager asked T-ARA members to get ready for stage, but Hwayoung didn’t listen, bringing a fight among the members.

According to the representative, Hyomin couldn’t take it anymore and said something to Hwayoung, but Hwayoung still did not listen.

Jiyeon got up as well to yell at Hwayoung, and the fight inevitably happened.

As a result, Jiyeon could not focus on stage.

Core Contents Media said, “On July 27th KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’, Hwayoung all of a sudden said she will not be going on stage.

After that, on her way home, she threw her crutches on the floor and sat down on the street in front of fans and reporters.

The manager tried to stop this, but she threatened him, saying she’s going to scream so everyone could hear.” Please join the discussion/debate regarding T-ARA’s scandal on KpopStarz forum

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