T-ara Vocalist Jiyeon Is Learning Chinese For Her K-Pop Fans

T-ara Vocalist Jiyeon Is Learning Chinese For Her K-Pop Fans
T-ara Vocalist Jiyeon Is Learning Chinese For Her K-Pop Fans

T-ara member Jiyeon will be imparting her music knowledge to Chinese K-pop fans.

The singer will be hosting season 4 of the music program “The Show,” which will air on October 28, according to the Korean publication Osen Entertainment.

“I’ve always been so thankful to T-ara’s Chinese fans for singing along to our songs in Korean and always supporting us,” stated Jiyeon during the press conference for “The Show,” which was held at the SBS Prism Tower in Seoul.

She added, “I heard that ‘The Show’ will air in both Korea and China so I’m working to learn more Chinese.

I’d like to communicate fluently with the Chinese fans of the show.” 2014 was a big year for Jiyeon as she made her debut as a solo artist and returned to her acting career with an appearance in the 15th episode of the Korean drama “Triangle.”   Jiyeon had the opportunity to “show her hidden charms as a solo artist” and gain more interest in writing lyrics with the release of her mini-album “1 MIN1SEC ” in late May.

The album consists of three tracks, according to the media outlet The Chosun Ilbo.

Jiyeon reportedly released her solo album in the hopes of appealing to both male and female fans, which she has succeeded in.

  The ” Never Ever ” singer’s solo album topped music charts in both Korea and China.

Jiyeon broke a record on the Chinese music video site, YinYueTai, as her single “1MIN 1SEC” became the first track to reach a score of 99.50.

“I felt awkward and scared of doing everything by myself, as previously I’ve always worked with other band members.

I doubted if I would fare well by myself.

But it’s natural for a singer to want to prove their talent and potential by going solo, so I decided to give it a try and do my best,” stated Jiyeon.


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