T-ARA Hyomin was a Bully in the Past?

T-ARA Hyomin was a Bully in the Past?
T-ARA Hyomin was a Bully in the Past?

Evidence of T-ARA   Hyomin ‘s past as a bully raises issues.

On July 30th a post found on an online forum identified Hyomin as a past bully.

The witness revealed that he or she had transferred schools due to Hyomin’s bullying.

A photo was also posted.

The witness continued to reveal that, due to a miserable incident at school, the student transferred middle schools.

It has not been finalized whether the bullying student was indeed Hyomin, but, the girl in the photo does have a strong resemblance to her.

Furthermore, other internet users testified in agreement.

This severs issues even more for the recent T-ARA scandal, where, on the 30th, Core Contents Media representative Kim Kwang Soo announced Hwayoung ‘s withdrawal due to bullying conflicts with the group.

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