T-ARA Hwayoung Even Receives Sympathy from China Fans, What’s T-ARA’s Future as Hallyu Stars?

T-ARA Hwayoung Even Receives Sympathy from China Fans
T-ARA Hwayoung Even Receives Sympathy from China Fans

China fans respond to Hwayoung ‘s withdrawal from T-ARA .

On the 30th on China’s Sina.com, Hwayoung’s bullying incident was discussed in full.

From Eunjung’s tweets to past videos, the situation was picked apart and examined.

With the China media’s extensive presentation on the topic, Hallyu fans and even those in China who did not know about T-ARA had a spark in interest.

Hwayoung’s name has appeared 10th on Chinese twitter “Weibo.” Chinese fans posted, “Poor Hwayoung,” and, “I liked Hwayoung the most…” They also wrote, “I don’t understand it at all,” “The agency’s weird,” and, “Whenever this agency gets bored they drop people.

Stay strong, Hwayoung.” On the other hand, some wrote, “Don’t say things if you don’t know the whole story,” and, “I trust the members.” However, overall, they seemed to empathize with Hwayoung.

A Chinese fans who was T-ARA’s fan wrote, “I can’t like T-ARA anymore.

I heard a lot of fans got a refund for the Malaysia concert.” If what this internet users said is true, that means that this incident has made an extreme influence in the Hallyu world.

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