T-ARA Eunjung Doesn’t Show Up at VIP Screening of ‘I Am A King’

T-ARA Eunjung Doesn't Show Up at VIP Screening of 'I Am A King'
T-ARA Eunjung Doesn't Show Up at VIP Screening of 'I Am A King'

It has been revealed that T-ARA ‘s Eunjung  did not appear at the VIP premiere of the movie “I Am a King.”

On Monday at Seoul Konkuk University Entrance Lotte Cinema, Eunjung ended up not attending the VIP showing of “I am a King.” which was held and reporters noticed that one of the VIP guests was not present.

Eunjung who is currently filming her drama “Five Fingers” was scheduled to attend the premiere for support Joo Ji Hoon who had the lead role in the movie and who stars alongside her the drama.

However, the T-ARA member did not appear at the showing most likely due to the T-ARA Hwayoung  bullying/contract termination scandal currently going on.

T-ARA is currently receiving a lot of demands to disband as a group and present the truth.

There is even a cafe called T-JinYo (an acronym for “We Demand the Truth from T-ARA”) demanding the truth of the scandal from the group.

There are currently many requests that Eunjung be dropped from her drama “Five Fingers” because of the situation.

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