T-ARA Disbandment: Boram, Soyeon To Be Sanctioned If Taiwan Concert Fails?

T-ARA Disbandment: Boram

T-ARA Disbandment: Boram, Soyeon To Be Sanctioned If Taiwan Concert Fails?

T-ARA’s Boram and Soyeon will not get off scot-free if their recent actions cause damage to T-ARA’s upcoming concert in Taiwan. Their management, MBK Entertainment has recently spoken up about the two members’ behavior which has been causing trouble and worries for other group members. According to MBK Entertainment, the behavior of Boram and Soyeon has been causing alarm for the other members of T-ARA because they have not been joining the rehearsal sessions and have not turned up for the preparations for their concert. They have also misled the label regarding  their flight status and reportedly cancelled the tickets booked by the agency and made their own travel arrangements, Soompi reported.
MBK Entertainment admitted that they have been worried about the outcome of the concert because Boram and Soyeon’s absence in the preparations have rendered them incapable of filming videos to be used for the performance. When other T-ARA members have tried to contact the pair, they have also not responded to the messages and calls. “If asked for damage compensation [in the case that the two member do not show up], we would have to ask the two members to take responsibility for that,” an MBK source said. In a recent report by All Kpop , an MBK Entertainment representative has confirmed that T-ARA’s Boram and Soyeon have arrived to Taiwan on their own but maintained that the duo cut off all contact with the management as early as 7 days ago.  A report by Koreaboo explained that both artists will end their contract with MBK Entertainment on May 15 th but have agreed to join the final legs of the T-ARA concerts in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is unclear if the agency will still be able to sanction T-ARA’s Boram and Soyeon if they do not fulfill their obligations for their final concerts if they are no longer bound by their contract beyond the 15 th .     

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