T-ARA Boram Breaks Hwayoung’s Umbrella, Bullying Confirmed?

T-ARA Boram Breaks Hwayoung's Umbrella
T-ARA Boram Breaks Hwayoung's Umbrella

T-ARA ‘s scandal about bullying Hwayoung  only gets more heated as evidence is compiled.

Recently internet users wrote on a forum about a past idol athlete competition where it looked like Boram broke Hwayoung’s umbrella.

A post on Eunjung stuffing Hwayoung’s mouth with rice cakes was also seen, only elevating the possibility of Hwayoung being bullied.

Furthermore, T-ARA’s agency announced, “Our head Kim Kwang Soo will return from his Japan business trip on the 30th and give a formal announcement on the topic.” Especially strange is how Boram unfollowed Hwayoung on twitter a year ago and how T-ARA performed on a music program on the 29th without Hwayoung.

Internet users commented, “Did Hwayoung really get bullied?” They also wrote, “What are they going to announce?” and, “I hope it’s all a misunderstanding.” T-ARA debuted in 2009, and, Hwayoung joined the group in 2010.

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