Swing Copters Tips, Tricks And Cheats To Get A High Score!

Here are the Swing Copters tips, tricks and cheats in playing so you can get a high score, according to the report of iMore.

The first Swing Copters tip on playing is finding a rhythm.

As you move straight up find a balance, move right then left, but make sure to be careful.

A trick that you can do it is tap the button as fast as you can then dial down the speed bit by bit, make it consistent for you not to fall down.

Another Swing Copters tip is to focus on the gap between the green girders as your target zone, as much as possible avoid the hammers.

The trick here is to focus mainly on moving the gap between the hammers.

The next tip to remember is that you get one swing, your taps should be consistent, there is only a little time before the next girder, so make your move done faster in a single swing.

Furthermore, another Swing Copters tip to consider is basic, just stay calm.

After all Swing Copters is a game, it should be played with fun and joy.

So don’t feel bad if you can’t move to the next level, just concentrate, have fun and follow the Swing Copters tips and tricks I mentioned above.

Now, if you really want to have a high score, here is the Swing Copters cheat that you can use.

First install the iFunBox on your computer, plug it over your USB or iPhone then use the iFunBox to search the com.dotgears.swing.plist  file in Library/Preferences.

Open and edit the basic text to change the score to whatever you like.


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