‘Sweet Stranger and Me’ brings out Kim Young-Kwang’s hidden charm

'Sweet Stranger and Me' brings out Kim Young-Kwang's hidden charm

'Sweet Stranger and Me' brings out Kim Young-Kwang's hidden charm

Kim Young-Kwang who plays Nam-Gil in the “Sweet Stranger and Me” has a hidden charm. He shows a different side of him in the drama as a protective man. KBS has tried to explore the hidden charm of Kim in the series of image published earlier. In its official release, the TV station exhibited various pictures of the 29-year old model turned actor taken from the “Sweet Stranger and Me” drama. Kim is a former model who started his career in 2006 to help his family. His slender and tall figure helped to catapult his modeling career. He had been selected to become a model for many world-renown designers.

He turned to acting in 2008 starting with a small role in several dramas until he made a breakthrough role in 2011. He became the main character for KBS drama “White Christmas” with other model turned actors Kim Woo-Bin and Hong Jong-Hyun. He then played in the successful SBS drama “Pinocchio” and tvN drama “Plus Nine Boys” in 2013. “Sweet Stranger and Me” is Kim’s sixth drama, as he admitted the challenging nature of playing the main character. In the last month’s press conference, Kim said that he feels awkward to play the role of the father. But he discussed the role intensely with the director and writer to immerse in the character. Watch the press conference with the English subtitle below:  In “Sweet Stranger and Me” Kim effectively portrayed a father figure turned lover for Hong Na-Ri, played by his 8-year senior actress Soo-Ae. This relationship created distinctive difficulties to play, as he is required to switch role from father to lover. Despite very low ratings, many fans have looked forward to see Kim back in the drama after one year. Watch his performance below: 

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