Suzy Revealed Her Favorite Actress “Jennifer Lawrence” and Wanted to Get Role Like Her

Suzy Revealed Her Favorite Actress "Jennifer Lawrence" and Wanted to Get Role Like Her

Suzy Revealed Her Favorite Actress

  Suzy, the actress and singer in JYP Entertainment has captured the heart of many fans. She is so famous and become number 2 for getting income for his agency, leading GOT7 and under 2PM. She gets lots of offer for commercial and also appears in drama. Recently in an interview in Hong Kong, she said that she is a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence who played in “Silver Lining Playbook”, according to report from ibtimes . She said that she wanted to play that kind of role some day. Wow, that was a bold statement. It is not a surprise that she likes her character and her acting since Lawrence always goes all out in every role she has.

To make the effort, she tries to read many books regardless to the genre. It is nice to see that she is a hard worker. Yet she is so humble and always tries her best to show her best side to the fans and other people. In her age of 22, she shows her mature side and has made everyone love her. According to report from allkpop , she said that her role in drama is always similar to her character. Thus, she wants to get the role which is so different from her character. It seems that she wants to get more experience in acting. Starting her career from early age, Bae Suzy was outstanding among other members of Miss A. With her beautiful face without plastic surgery, many people are amazed by her beauty. Moreover, she is so good in singing and also acting. With many offers in commercial, she is often called as “commercial queen”. Getting fame in her early age, the girlfriend of Lee Min Ho does not show arrogance yet giving friendly attitude. She is also generous by giving her money to come charity. She even bought a house and a car for his parents. As she hopes for a new role, hope she will get many offers in acting and be able to get a great success like her idol, Jennifer Lawrence.  

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