Suzy, Lee Jong Suk to work together in new drama ‘While You Sleep’


Suzy, Lee Jong Suk to work together in new drama 'While You Sleep'

Exciting news! After completing the newest drama, it seems that Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger and Two Worlds) and #Miss A’s # Suzy (Dream High and Uncontrollably Fond) will work together on a small screen. The news has been confirmed and will be working together in the new drama “While You Sleep” written by drama writer Park Hye Ryun. Much has not been disclosed about the upcoming project yet according to  Soompi , While You Were Asleep revolves around a girl who can foresee unfortunate events that will happen to other people through her dreams. On the other hand, Lee Jong Suk plays the male lead, the role of a prosecutor who exhausts his capabilities to prevent the girl’s tragic vision from turning into a reality.
Park Hye Ryun, a famous screenwriter, has not only written many dramas but also worked previously with both actors and will be writing the upcoming drama. She has written Pinocchio, and I Hear Your Voice, both Lee Jong Suk along with Suzy’s first drama Dream High. Park wrote Lee Jong Suk’s 2013 drama “I Hear Your Voice.” The story is about a man who can listen to people’s thoughts and “Pinocchio,” a drama about a guy with the photographic memory who became a journalist after his family was ruined due to irresponsible reporting and a girl having hiccups when she lies. Park has worked with  Suzy  in her first lead drama role in 2010’s “Dream High” where the idol actor acted as an aspiring opera singer who was forced to enter an Arts school after her father went bankrupt. Lee Jong Suk and Suzy working together in “While You Were Asleep” are sure to make a huge hit. The drama While You Sleep is expected to be telecasted early next year.     

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