Suzy Bae Served As Waitress In Her Friend’s Restaurant, But Why?

Suzy Bae Served As Waitress In Her Friend's Restaurant

Suzy Bae Served As Waitress In Her Friend's Restaurant, But Why?

Suzy Bae, the girlfriend of Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho, has just showed that she is not merely a pretty face, but she also has a beautiful heart. Just recently, Suzy Bae confirmed that she had served as a waitress to her friend’s restaurant. According to Enstarz , Suzy Bae helped out her friend who was sick. It was all about helping her friend run the restaurant. The charitable deed done by Suzy Bae was presented in episode 9 of “Off the Rec. Suzy”, a Korean reality show.
The episode premiered last Feb. 15, and since then, Suzy Bae had been working as a part-time waitress and manager in her friend’s restaurant. She is even reported to be helping in taking the orders of the customers. And not only that, as she is also delivering the dishes directly to the people. This had surely shocked the customers who didn’t expect that the one serving them their dishes is a very famous K-pop idol. Despite her fame, she still retained and showed her humble personality. This is the reason why she didn’t feel awkward at all. According to Korea Portal , Suzy Bae even cleaned the tables and washed some of the dishes in the restaurant. Suzy then later says in a statement that she is kind of worried as it might affect other restaurants, knowing that people are now flocking to her friend’s restaurant because of her presence. What is really surprising is that she is indeed very devoted to her part-time job as a waitress, as she carefully studied the restaurant’s menu. This just shows that even though she is now one of the richest and most popular celebrities in the K-pop industry, she still prioritizes the welfare of others by helping people who are in need. That is the true value of a true idol.  Suzy needs to have a serious plaque of appreciation for her very good deed.

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