Suzy Bae Only Sleeps 4 Hours During Filming of ‘Architecture 101’

Suzy Bae Only Sleeps 4 Hours During Filming of 'Architecture 101'

Suzy Bae Only Sleeps 4 Hours During Filming of 'Architecture 101'

“Architecture 101” director revealed how much sleep Suzy Bae gets during filming the movie. Apparently, Suzy gets as little as 4 hours of sleep every day! Suzy Bae was promoting for miss A and filming her first ever movie “Architecture 101” at the same time in 2012. At that time, miss A was preparing for their extended play “Touch”. As reported by Koreaboo , “Architecture 101” director Lee Yong Joo revealed in a recent interview that Suzy really had a difficult time handling both filming and recording. According to him, Suzy would badly perform the scenes they were filming because of the stress she has.
“Back then, Suzy had to act in parallel to her idol group activities,” said Lee Yong Joo. “She always filmed all night and came to the movie set, and so I think it stressed her out even more.” Because of this, director Lee Yong Joo struck an agreement with Suzy’s agency, JYP Entertainment, to allow the idol to have at least 4 hours of sleep every night. The director said that because of the agreement he had with the agency staff, Suzy was able to execute the scenes well. “The only thing I could do for her was to impose one condition, so I asked JYP Entertainment to let Suzy sleep at least 4 hours every day,” said the director. “When Suzy slept the night before, her condition was great, and so she gave a better performance in the scenes.” In other news, rumors of Suzy creating her own agency are currently in the air. As reported by All Kpop , these rumors come after her contract with JYP Entertainment expired on March 31. As her contract expired, various agencies have tried to sign Suzy. However, Suzy has been kindly turning them down. So far, Suzy or a representative of Suzy has denied nor confirmed the rumors. Suzy is currently finishing up filming for SBS’ drama “While You Were Sleeping”.    

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