Suzy Bae Look Stunning, Glamorous Pictures For ‘Didier Dubot’ 2017 Wedding Collection Jewelry Line ‘Marriage’

Suzy Bae Look Stunning

Suzy Bae Look Stunning, Glamorous Pictures For 'Didier Dubot' 2017 Wedding Collection Jewelry Line 'Marriage'

Suzy is proven to be the queen in commercial. He has shot many CFs and become the face of many brands. She has proven to be so vivid and fresh in every shot she takes. Recently, she was trusted to promote the jewelry brand “Didier Dubot”. After having success with her comeback and busy promoting, Suzy stuns everyone with her glamorous picture for “Didier Dubot”. According to a report by KpopHerald , the brand was releasing 2017 wedding collection jewelry line “Marriage”. For the theme, Suzy was in a wedding dress and looked really stunning.
Holding a pink rose, she was wearing a wedding dress, sitting in a chair. The chair was covered with the dress and there was a vase full of pink roses behind her. The white set looked so beautiful and her pose completed the gorgeous look. According to a report from AllKpop , she was taking a shot for “Didier Dubot” with the theme ‘le plus beau moment de ma vie’ . The meaning is the most beautiful moment in my life. Having a collection for marriage theme, she looked like having the best moment of her life. Recently, Suzy was busy promoting her album “Yes?No?”. She got her success with the song “Pretend” and “Yes No Maybe”. Being praised by Park Jin Young, Suzy also surprised her fans by releasing her first solo variety show “Suzy: Off the Record”. She shines not only in commercials, variety show and singing. She also does really well for her acting. Her next project after “Uncontrollably Fond” will be “While You Were Asleep” with actor Lee Jong Suk for SBS new drama, which is anticipated a lot. With all of her success, fans are still wondering whether she will renew her contract with JYP or not since it will be ending this spring.

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