Support For T.O.P is Overflowing, ‘#StayStrongTOP’ Trends on Twitter Worldwide

Support For T.O.P is Overflowing

Support For T.O.P is Overflowing, '#StayStrongTOP' Trends on Twitter Worldwide

Support is overflowing from all over the world for BIGBANG’s T.O.P who was hospitalized on the evening of June 6. The hashtag “#StayStrongTOP” has trended over on Twitter. As reported by Cosmopolitan , T.O.P is currently in the hospital after he was found unconscious at his military base. The BIGBANG member allegedly overdosed of his medicine. T.O.P is currently in the ICU (intensive care unit) of the hospital. He is currently being watched by his own mother who is deeply worried about her son’s condition.
According to Koreaboo , multiple reports cited a source at the Seoul Police Department that said T.O.P took his sedatives like he usually does around 10 p.m. on June 6 before going to sleep. T.O.P is regularly taking prescribed sedatives because of his unnamed disorder. T.O.P might have taken too much of his medicine because of the recent scandal he got into. The BIGBANG member was indicted for allegedly smoking marijuana with a female trainee. The female trainee was identified to be Han Seo Hee. Both Seo Hee and T.O.P smoked marijuana on 3 different occasions, spanning from Oct. 9 to Oct. 12 of 2016. T.O.P’s indictment, however, will first be suspended. His case will continue after he finishes his mandatory service in the military. Until such time, T.O.P will remain inside the office of Gangnam Police Station. He will be closely monitored after he recovers. Meanwhile, doctors have already started testing T.O.P if he indeed overdosed. “They’re still testing and results have not come out, but it’s suspected that it’s an overdose,” said a friend of T.O.P. “He’s been having a hard time recently due to overlapping events and his stress was at peak level,” further added T.O.P’s friend. He also hoped for T.O.P to wake up soon. K-pop communities around the world have united in prayer for T.O.P’s speedy recovery. Stay strong, T.O.P!

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