Super Smash Bros 4 Characters Unlocked? Release Date & Trailer [NEWS]

Super Smash Bros 4 gamer and YouTube user Arekkz Gaming released a five-minute video on how to unlock characters in the game through match-winning, Cinema Blend reports.

The video mentions that 120 match victories are required to unlock the game’s characters.

Nintendo has confirmed the inclusion of Xenoblade character Shulk for the upcoming release date version of Super Smash Bros 4-the company leaked a video trailer on YouTube with information about the game’s characters list.

Characters from the “Fire Emblem” franchise have been added to the Super Smash Bros 4 characters roster.

Lucina, a sword-bearing figure, and Robin, a master sorcerer, will both be included.

Captain Falcon, a non-“Fire Emblem” franchise character, will also be included, according to the Christian Post.

Super Smash Bros 4 creator Masahiro Sakurai announced the inclusion of a new stage for Super Smash Bros 4 for 3DS and the Wii U, sparking rumors surrounding the game’s characters and release date roster.

“For the first time ever in the Super Smash Bros.

series, here’s a Paper Mario stage! It’s made of paper, so strong winds will blow it away,” he posted on Miiverse Director’s Community.

The upcoming Super Smash Bros 4 for the Nintendo 3DS will feature a Tomodachi Life stage, the Christian Post reports.

Alternative outfits for Super Smash Bros 4 have been revealed: an all-white Samus costume and United States-themed Mario clothing were leaked, reports.

A Super Smash Bros 4 WWE 2K15 style  trailer by madagascarsan has leaked, showing many of the Nintendogame’s  wishlist characters featured in a wresting version of the game.

At over 100 Best Buy  locations, gamers were allowed to play the demo Nintendo presented at E3 2014 conference and fans  made predictions for likely gameplay features.

Super Smash Bros 4, available on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, was made available for pre-release play on June 11 and 14.


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