Super Junior’s Donghae Passes Conscripted Police Exam, But Not Yet Enlisting

Super Junior's Donghae Passes Conscripted Police Exam
Super Junior's Donghae Passes Conscripted Police Exam

  Super Junior  member Donghae  has successfully passed the exam to serve as a conscripted policeman for his mandatory military service but SM Entertainment clarified that the details of the idol’s enlistment have not been finalized.

According to Koreaboo , the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency released the list of candidates who have passed the 330th selection examination for conscripted policemen, and it included the name Lee Donghae.

SM Entertainment confirmed that it was indeed Super Junior’s Lee Donghae that passed the conscripted policeman selection process, but was quick to point out that Donghae’s enlistment are still not finalized.

“It is correct that Donghae passed to become a special conscripted policeman.

His enlistment date has not been decided on yet,” said SM Entertainment, reports Allkpop .

Having been born in 1986, it has been noted that Donghae’s age qualifies him for enlistment and rumors have swirled that he would be next in line in the group to enlist in the military to join fellow members Shindong and Sungmin .

It has been noted that Super Junior members have been spacing out their enlistment dates to ensure that only a few at a time are on active service.

In fact, the strategy has been compared to revolving doors where one Super Junior member departs for the military as another returns to civilian life.

As Sungmin joined the military service, Yesung came back last week and quickly jumpstarted his activities again as a Super Junior member.

The singer visiting Jakarta, Indonesia last week as his first-ever comeback activity .

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