Super Junior Ryeowook & Lee Teuk, Support For Kyuhyun’s Solo Debut

Super Junior Ryeowook & Lee Teuk
Super Junior Ryeowook & Lee Teuk

Group Super Junior ‘s members Ryeowook and Lee Teuk showed support for Kyuhyun and his solo debut.

On November 13, Ryeowook posted on his Twitter, “There were many hardships but this is a comfort to me.

I hope all students gain strength by listening to Kyuhyun’s song.

‘At Gwanghwamun'” along with a picture.

In the picture, Ryeowook and Lee Teuk are holding Kyuhyun’s posters and Kyuhyun is standing in between them, holding his solo album.

The two showed him support by attending his showcase.

Internet users who saw this commented, “The song is so good,” “The students in SATs should listen to it after their tests are over,” and “Was the showcase good?” Kyuhyun released his first solo debut song “At Gwanghwamun” on November 13.

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