Sunderland vs. Everton Score & Highlights: English Premier League Fantasy, Standings, Schedule, Transfer News, Fixtures & More

Sunderland tied with Everton 1-1 in a Week 11 English Premier League match on Sunday.

Sunderland, ranked number 14 in the league’s standings, is expected to move regressively from its position.

Everton, ranked number ten, is speculated to move forward.

The losing team will face off against Leicester City on Saturday, Nov.


Everton will face off against West Ham United.

The English Premier League has been appraised as the best football league in the world, with Germany’s Bundesliga and Spain’s La Liga trailing behind in second and third place, respectively.

“While fans of the Bundesliga wax lyrical about the brilliance of Bayern and the wonders of cheap tickets and beer on the terraces, Germany’s top division hasn’t pulled up many trees in the past decade in Europe, winning the Champions League once and the Uefa Cup / Europa League not at all,” the Daily Mail writes in its ranking report.

“Two major leagues have dominated Europe over the past decade when it comes to sticking major continental silverware in the trophy room: Spain and the Premier League.” The English Premier League was given 77.0 points compared to the 76.4 of Germany and 66.5 percent of Spain.


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