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Sulli’s ‘Bra-Less’ Controversy Once Again

Sulli’s  'Bra-Less' Controversy Once Again

Sulli is again under fire with another photo which she posted online, this time she’s only on denim overall and smiling on fully on the snap. People were now speculating that she’s again not wearing a bra underneath when it was taken thus her nipples showing. To take note, this is not the first time for her to get shot about photos and poses. In the last time, she was even accused of Lolita themed pictorial. Last January 23, Sulli posted once again a picture of herself on Instagram. And the picture went viral in just a few hours! “Do I have a dirty mind or is that really a nipple,” some of the netizens commented about it. Supposedly, the reason for its sudden rose to fame is her bra-less nipples which they think showed on the snap. This is already the second time, she was accused of it.
Many of her fans are definitely on her back saying that it might just be the denim overall and it’s not probable to show at all. While the other continued to go along the speculation, they commented that their high possibility that the black thing is actually part of her body. When Sulli’s controversial photos started, she’s clearly not into answering any of her bashes. But now, it seems that comments were already getting on her. Probably, one of the most that she got irked about is about her Lolita controversy where she can’t help but bite back. “Lolita, lolita, don’t go overboard. Leave insults somewhere more appropriate and just look at my pretty face instead,” this is what Sulli actually wrote about the latest Lolita trolling on her photos. She just surely wants everyone to just enjoy her photos as she does. Lastly, the idol is just having fun rounding her haters about her photos. In spite, everyone will just again need to wait for her answer regarding the present controversies.