Suits Season 4 Spoilers: Harvey Prepares For A Family Reunion; Remaining Episodes Return Date Still Uncertain?

“Suits” season 4 spoilers reveal of a family reunion for Harvey Specter as the return date for the remaining episodes is still uncertain.

Aaron Korsh gave plenty of “Suits” season 4 spoilers during the Twitter Q&A, as shared by Cartermatt , as he said that fans will meet the mother and brother of Harvey Specter in future episodes.

As to the return date for the rest of the season 4 episodes, the creator of the series is mum on the issue.

“Korsh still does not know when the remainder of season 4 will air; he guesses January, and we hope he is right since March is a long period of time to wait,”  Cartermatt  said.

Aaron Korsh teased more “Suits” season 4 spoilers as he said that during the final six episodes, there will be one standalone case.

Scottie’s return is still up in the air, but Katrina is likely to make an appearance again.

Creator Aaron Korsh also teased “Suits” season 4 spoilers to TV Guide  as he said that it’ won’t be smooth-sailing for Mike and Rachel even as he seemingly forgave her for kissing Logan.

“We didn’t touch on them in the finale …

but it’s going to rear its head again and that’s part of the healing process.

They’re together now, but you just don’t forget something like that,” he said.

“She made a mistake; she’s a human being.

Sometimes I read a few tweets and I think, ‘I wonder what percentage of the people who are so vehemently angry have never made any mistake ever,’ and it’s nowhere near close to 100 percent,” he added.

The creator dished more “Suits” season 4 spoilers saying that they are not running away from the ramifications of Louis finding out about Mike’s secret.

In the season finale, Louis finally nailed down Mike after the faux lawyer continued to needle him about a mysterious key.

In turned out that the key is given to outstanding graduates of Harvard as a token and being that Mike had superior grades, he should have been given the key.

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