‘Suits’ Season 4 Spoilers: Cast Gabriel Macht’s Real-Life Dad Returns To Show; Co-Star Patrick J Adams Sets Record Straight On Series’ Last Episode

“Suits” season 4 spoilers reveal that Gabriel Macht’s real-life father will return as guest in the show as co-star Patrick J.

Adams has set the record straight on the “last episode” controversy.

The Hollywood Reporter  dished “Suits” season 4 spoilers when it claimed that Stephen Macht will return to the show to work again with his son.

“Stephen will be reprising his role as Harvard Law professor Gerard, notorious for his high standards and rigid ways, in two of the final six episodes of the season when Suits returns in early 2015,” the THR’s  “Suits” season 4 spoilers said.

Gabriel Macht’s father first appeared in “Yesterday’s Gone” in season 3 when Harvey Specter wanted to protect Mike Ross’ secret but was greeted with an icy welcome by the Harvard Law professor.

In a statement to the THR , Stephen Macht said: “Reprising my role as Professor Gerard on Suits is an opportunity of a lifetime for a father.

As a former drama professor who once coached 15-year-old Gabriel in the role of Cyrano de Bergerac, I now experience the reality of a role reversal.

Gabriel coaches me as Professor Gerard; the student has become the teacher.” “That is reflective of our on-screen and off-screen journeys.

Because we are real-life father and son, we share an edgy, raw emotional honesty that drives our scenes.

And that’s just plain fun!” he added.

Meanwhile, Patrick J.

Adams, just like Kim Kardashian’s full frontal on Paper magazine, apologized for breaking the internet when he made a mistake on his latest tweet, said Cartermatt .

Apparently, Patrick J.

Adams tweeted that they already finished filming the last episode based on the hashtag.

He deleted the tweet right away along with this gem: “Sorry I didn’t mean to break the Internet.

#lastepisode should have been #lastepisodeseason4 honored you guys got so worried.”

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