‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Rumors: Jai Courtney As Deadshot? Will Smith, Tom Hardy Role Offers Also Revealed? Warner Bros Eyes A-List Cast To Match ‘Avengers!’

The “Suicide Squad” movie is making major waves in Hollywood with its ambitious casting prospects.

According to a report, rising star Jai Courtney is already in talks to take the role of Deadshot in the movie.

Courtney has played the role of a ‘deadshot’ in a number of projects notably in “Jack Reacher” where he played a sniper that shot five seemingly random people.

He also had guns in hand in “A Good Day To Die Hard” alongside Bruce Willis.

Now, Variety reports that Courtney is up for a major role which could possibly pit him with a group of A-listers: “‘Terminator: Genesys’ star Jai Courtney is in talks for a major role in Warner Bros.’ ‘Suicide Squad’ that could prove to be Batman villain Deadshot, sources tell Variety.

Tom Hardy, Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto are also in various stages of discussions to join the super-villainous movie, which is being written and directed by ‘Fury’ filmmaker David Ayer.” Despite his padded resume, this is still a breakthrough role for the young actor.

What Culture reveals the possible roles of his prospective co-stars Tom Hardy and Will Smith: “If Courtney does agree to the offer by DC, he will be in extremely good company (more on that in just a moment), with Tom Hardy and Will Smith deep into negotiations with the entertainment giant.

Hardy may be playing Rick Flagg, whom comic fans will remember, while Will Smith is earmarked to play The Flash’s foe Captain Boomerang – although no details have been confirmed.

Director David Ayer is supposedly rewriting large sections of the script before the film begins principal photography, with an aimed release date of the 5th of August 2016.” Warner Bros.

is not pulling any punches with their line-up that can rival Marvel’s Avengers.

Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg may also make an appearance while Jared Leto and Margot Robbie (Joker and Harely Quinn respectively) may be confirmed soon.


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