‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ Opens To Ratings High! Here’s Everything We Know About The Show!

'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' Opens To Ratings High! Here's Everything We Know About The Show!

'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' Opens To Ratings High! Here's Everything We Know About The Show!

JTBC’s new romance comedy “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is one of the most anticipated dramas for Kdrama fans wanting a light and sweet series and if the promotions will deliver on its promises, the network might have another winner in their hands. Here’s the stuff we know about the new series and it looks to be tons of fun. A table-turning plot. While other dramas might feature its lead female characters as damsels in distress, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” centers around a remarkably strong woman who  is in love with her best friend In Kook Doo. She later ends up as a bodyguard of a CEO Ahn Min Hyuk. It may turn out that she could be the damsel that saves the heroes of the piece.
Cute and Talented Cast. The series stars Park Bo Young in the lead role. The actress has earlier appeared in “Oh My Ghost” a clairvoyant loner. Bong Soon will figure in a love triangle with the characters played by Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo. A unique love triangle. Yet another evidence that “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is not a typical series is the amount of skinship between the two male leads. Early stills released by JTBC has successfully piqued the interest of fans when it released photos of  Park Hyung  Sik tenderly watching Ji Soo as he slept and another one showing the two men dancing together while Park Bo Young watches in shock from a distance. Insane chemistry. If the recently held press conference and interviews are any indication, viewers should expect insane chemistry from these three actors. In their interactions, they prove to be very comfortable with each other and their great relationship is even evident in social media where they post photos of each other having fun on set. Bottom Line: They are so fun to watch and this will definitely translate to their on screen appearance, Korean Bae  reported . Low expectation, Big on Delivery . While the cast joked a lot about their expectations for the ratings of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” , it opened to the highest ratings ever for any JTBC drama. The pilot episode raked in 4.04% in ratings, according to Soompi . It did even better for the second episode which raked in 5.7 percent viewership ratings.  Air Date. Fans need not wait for long as it already started airing February 24. It airs every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm.     

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