‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’: Five Reasons To Watch The High Rating Romance Comedy Drama

'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon': Five Reasons To Watch The High Rating Romance Comedy Drama

'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon': Five Reasons To Watch The High Rating Romance Comedy Drama

Romance comedy drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is really fun to watch. As a new drama and still in its eighth episode, the rating has already broken up the previous record on JTBC. It is such a big success for a new drama played by Park Hyung Sik, Park Bo Young and Ji Soo. As a new drama getting the entire spotlight, there are some reasons why people need to watch it. Based on Soompi , here are five reasons for you to watch it: 1. The story is unique
The main story is about a girl who possesses super power. Although the main female lead has super power like a super hero, but she appears like a normal person. Moreover, she looks fragile in her tiny body. 2. The funny scenes There are many funny scenes for people to watch, like when Park Hyung Shik and Ji Soo dress up as girls. People need to watch how the firm Ji Soo wears a pink dress and put on makeup. 3. Park Hyung Sik’s charm It is not a secret that he is loved by many girls. His handsome face can really melt women’s heart. Moreover, he plays his character really well in this drama. Having some experience in playing dramas like “Hwarang” and “What Happens to My Family?” and more, he has shown progress in his acting. 4. Ji Soo’s cool vibe There is no denial that Ji Soo has manly side in him. Some fans think that he may have the cool side because he went to all men middle school and high school, reported DramaFever . 5. The chemistry is really good The chemistry among the leads is really good, especially between Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young. Although at first Park Hyung Sik was worried to not be good enough for Park Bo Young,  but he could conquer it well to give good chemistry to viewers. The chemistry between Ji Soo and Park Hyung Sik is also strong especially when both had a drunk scene and hugged each other. Having all of those five reasons, there is no surprise that that the rating is really high. The relation between Ahn Min Hyuk and Bong Soon has got closer. Viewers are excited to watch the following episode to see their progress in love. Read Next: PRISTIN Finally Debuts Mini Album ‘HI! PRISTIN’ And Title Track ‘Wee Woo’  

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