Stone Temple Pilots Singer Scott Weiland’s Death Reportedly Caused By Accidental Overdose?

Stone Temple Pilots Singer Scott Weiland's Death Reportedly Caused By Accidental Overdose?

Stone Temple Pilots Singer Scott Weiland's Death Reportedly Caused By Accidental Overdose?

After being found dead on Dec. 3 in his tour bus, Scott Weiland’s cause of death has been confirmed recently. According to Rolling Stone , Scott Weiland died due to an accidental overdose of cocaine, ethanol and methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA). It was confirmed on Friday by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner in Minneapolis, near Weiland’s place of death. The examiners also took note of the front man’s atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, history of asthma and dependence on multiple substances.

When the Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman was found dead, he was reported to be on the road with his new backing band, the Wildabouts. They were scheduled to play at the Medina Entertainment Center in Medina Minnesota but the show was canceled during that day. A day after his death, one of his touring bandmates, Tommy Black, was arrested for cocaine possession, according to  Vulture . A day after being arrested, he was released as well. Also the day after Scott Weiland’s death, Bloomington police officers announced that they have discovered a small quantity of cocaine inside the tour bus’ bedroom where Weiland’s body was found. Apparently, the front man had a lengthy battle with substance addiction. Us Magazine  reported that Scott Weiland’s drug abuse was well documented and that his ex-wife Mary Forsberg-Weiland, detailed the effects of substance addiction to their two children, Noah, 15 and Lucy, 13. “Our hope for Scott has died, but there is still hope for others,” she wrote on an open letter on Rolling Stone. “Let’s choose to make this the first time we don’t glorify this tragedy with talk of rock & roll and the demons that, by the way, don’t have to come with it. Skip the depressing T-shirt with ‘1967 – 2015’ on it – use the money to take a kid to a ballgame or out for ice cream.” “The truth is, like so many other kids, they lost their father years ago,” she explained further. “What they truly lost on December 3rd was hope.” With a complicated and not to mention hard to read cause of death, Scott Weiland’s life has been memorialized through tributes by his band mates and former colleagues.

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