Stone Cold Steve Austin To Return To WWE But Not Wrestling? General Manager Position Up For The Rattlesnake?

Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWE have hinted the return of the rattlesnake soon in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

One thing is for sure though, his return won’t happen in Wrestlemania come 2015, following the announcement of The Rock’s non appearance at the grandest stage of them all by next year.

In Stone Cold’s weekly podcast called “The Steve Austin Show,” he the ‘baddest SOB’ claimed that he had “no desires” of coming back in the ring.

A return to the show, however, is still unclear after talking about a “comeback.” Former WWE announcer, Jim Ross, meanwhile claimed that Stone Cold was referring to the “comeback” as a return to the gym for workouts.

“Steve was talking to a man [Ric Drasin] who used to train with ‘Arnold’ back in the day at the Gold’s Gym in Venice and Steve said he was training to prepare to return to Gold’s Gym to train.

They were talking about training, not wrestling, and how working out at Gold’s in Venice wasn’t for everyone.

When the fans heard Austin say that he was ‘training for a comeback’ they assumed that he meant to the ring which in turn means WrestleMania 31.” Austin, however, cleared the air for everyone saying that a “comeback” is possible but has no plans for now.

He previously stated  that: “I’d consider anything if the perfect situation or opportunity arose and it would be more than a million-dollar question.

I don’t want to sit here and promote a match, sell a match or talk about making a comeback.

The dirt sheets, or whatever you call them, and I talk to Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller all the time and they’re nice guys and I would consider them friends.

I see Dave at almost every MMA fight, but I don’t want to stir any pots or hint or tease anything.” “People get their panties in a wad and say, ‘Stone Cold, either do it or not.’ So, anything can happen, but I’m not going to endorse, promote, sell or tease anything in regards to a match.” For more news about Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWE return and other WWE news, keep it locked in here at

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