Sting WWE Debut To Have Undertaker Or Stone Cold Steve Austin Face The Former WCW Champion?

With the official announcement and a full on trailer of Sting being part of the WWE 2k15 video game, a Sting WWE debut on the ring is being expected by a lot of fans and speculations rise up around the web on to when he will appear in the ring.

The former WCW superstar, however was rumored to appear on Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration last Monday at WWE Monday Night Raw Augurst 11 2015, but didn’t appear.

Some fans, meanwhile, speculate that the 51-year-old wrestler may appear this weekend if not in the Summer Slam PPV itself, the Summer Slam panel that will happen this Saturday.

Meanwhile, rumors that Sting’s WWE Debut may be set up for a monster match against The Rock or even the Undertaker come Wrestlemania next year.

Pro Wrestling Smarks reported that “The Phenom” wished Sting a good career in the WWE after getting news that he will debut anytime soon.

A match between Taker and Sting is something that he is looking forward to.

“Sting is a good guy.

I wish him the best of luck in the WWE” said Undertaker in the report by Pro Wrestling Smarks, and when asked about a match between them, this is what he said: “I’d do it.

Fans won’t wait until Wrestlemania and neither can I.

I know fans want to see me and Sting go toe-to-toe for years now and I know that I want that to happen too” In the recently held San Diego Comic Con, Sting went out along side other WWE superstars namely Hulk Hogan and Daniel Bryan to announce the new WWE 2k15 PS4 and Xbox One game, which he will be part of as a pre-order bonus.

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