Sting Finally Made His WWE Debut After Appearing On Survivor Series 2014; Is He Going To Be The Next GM?

After rumors going around and confirmation that Sting would be part of the video game WWE 2k15, fans and experts speculate that the former WCW champion will have his debut soon in the World Wrestling Entertainment after the announcement of the video game.

And after months and months of waiting, fans did have the moment they’ve been waiting for after Sting popped out during the main event of WWE Survivor Series 2014, where Team Cena and Team Authority were up battling each other.

Odds were in the Authority’s team, where if they won, they would still have control.

Odds were against them though, because after a few months of speculation, the former WCW champion spoiled their chance by interfering during the match, which led him to take down Triple H lying down on the squared circle that paved way for Team Cena to claim the victory.

However, more speculations now go around that Sting’s debut in the WWE will lead him not wrestling in the ring but rather be the general manager of the show.

Meanwhile, rumors that Sting’s WWE Debut may be set up for a monster match against The Rock or even the Undertaker come Wrestlemania next year.

Pro Wrestling Smarks reported that “The Phenom” wished Sting a good career in the WWE.

A match between Taker and Sting is something that he is looking forward to.

“Sting is a good guy.

I wish him the best of luck in the WWE” said Undertaker in the report by Pro Wrestling Smarks, and when asked about a match between them, this is what he said: “I’d do it.

Fans won’t wait until Wrestlemania and neither can I.

I know fans want to see me and Sting go toe-to-toe for years now and I know that I want that to happen too” For further developments about the story of Sting’s debut on WWE, keep it locked in here at

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