Steven Moffat Addresses Leaked ‘Doctor Who’ Movie Sony E-mails, Compliments Peter Capaldi’s Season 9 Performance

Steven Moffat Addresses Leaked 'Doctor Who' Movie Sony E-mails
Steven Moffat Addresses Leaked 'Doctor Who' Movie Sony E-mails

“Doctor Who” season 9 is well on its way, and as much as rumors of a movie exists, Steven Moffat is putting his foot down on the matter.

Published by Wikileaks, The Telegraph recently reported that conversation have been in place regarding turning “Doctor Who” into a Hollywood blockbuster.

“The plans for Doctor Who were put in an email sent in January [2014] from Andrea Wong, president of International Production for Sony, to the company’s chief executive Michael Lynton,” said the Wikileaks.

“The email says: ‘[Danny Cohen, the Director of BBC Television] said that while there has been tremendous interest (and pressure from [BBC Worldwide]) to do a ‘Dr.

Who’ film, the show runners feel very clear that they don’t want to do one at this moment.

That said, over the course of the coming months, the show running team is coming up with an eight-year timeline for the brand-laying out all that will happen with it.

He says that a film will certainly be a part of that timeline.

So the answer is that a film won’t happen in the next year to 18 months, but it is expected that it will happen after that within the year year horizon.” Since the report, Steven Moffat has responded to the leaked E-mails.

“You can’t make a movie that damages the TV series,” said Moffat to RadioTimes .

“That’s the only thing I’d say about it.

I’m very happy for there to be a movie, very happy [for there] to be a theatre show-anything you like-but the TV show is incredibly important and must not be hurt.

Everybody knows that.” And as “Doctor Who” season 9 continues filming, Moffat has nothing but praise for Peter Capaldi.

“The thrilling thing about it is you are getting to see that second series Capaldi performance which is quite stunning actually,” he said to Digital Spy .

“There is something that happens when the part becomes theirs.

It happened with Matt, it happened with David.

He’s just on amazing form at the moment.”    

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