Stellar Is All About Fun In Latest ‘Crying’ Music Video

Stellar  have returned with a new look, moving away from their usual sexy concepts. They are back with their 1st single album, ‘ Cry ‘ which features the new track, ‘ Crying ‘. ‘ Crying ‘ is a track that is full of upbeat and refreshing vibes, which are perfect for the summer.
The vocals and sound for ‘ Crying ‘ is very soothing to the ears, which definitely allowed fans to hear the amount of emotions the girls are putting into their music. On top of that, the dance choreography fits well with the track and the dance moves are very cute and simple. Overall, fans are able to see the amount of energy and passion  Stellar  have put into the production of this music video, making fans super proud of their girls! For the story and concept of this music video, it is describing a planned revenge of a guy who had wronged them. The girls definitely looked like they had heaps of fun enjoying their vacation, riding in a jeep and having a water gun fight. Overall, the girls rocked the cute summer outfits and definitely  Stellar  proves that ‘ Crying ‘ is a track that fans should have a listen to! Did you like the ‘ Crying ‘ music video? Let us know below!    

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