Starship Entertainment releases Christmas song ‘Love Wishes’

Starship Entertainment releases Christmas song 'Love Wishes'

Starship Entertainment releases Christmas song 'Love Wishes'

Starship Entertainment has released a Christmas Song “Love Wishes”. The song has Junggigo (Starship’s solo singer), Mad Clown (Starship’s resident rapper), Monsta X’s main vocal Kihyun, Boyfriend’s main vocal Hyun Seong, Kpopstar finalist Yu Seung Woo, and another solo singer, Brother Su. The song is very fitted for Christmas as it is mellow but with upbeat melody. It showcased the different vocal color of each of the singers. It also showcased Mad Clown’s unique raping style.
Moreover, the song is so suitable for the holiday season. It is great for listening when you are preparing for the Christmas Eve or just preparing for a Christmas date. The music video has every one of the singers featured in it. They are in different scenes thinking of their loved ones or lovers as well. Interestingly, the singers looked like they were excited to give their gifts or are just giddy when thinking of their beloved someone. They also posed cutely for the camera. The singers also stare straight into the camera throughout most parts of the video, much to the excitement of fangirls. Most of them are beside a Christmas tree, while there was also a scene where all of them are gathered together. Starship Entertainment has been releasing Christmas songs since 2011. They release Christmas songs with every groups and solo singer they have. Last year, Starship Entertainment released “Softly” for their winter project. The past three years saw them release “Love Is You” (2014), “Snow Candy” (2013), and “White Love” (2012). Their first-ever Christmas song was titled “Pink Romance.” During that time, it was only K.Will, Sistar and Boyfriend. Starship stans are really happy and proud that Starship is doing these winter projects. However, this year, only boys were present in the Christmas song. Contrary to expectations, Cosmic Girls – Starship’s newly-debuted girl group, did not feature. Their fans are hoping Starship will release something that features their girl groups. Watch their Christmas songs below!

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