‘Star Wars’ Spin Off Movies Release Date Set For 2016? Will Harrison Ford Still Make It For The Han Solo Standalone Film?

Now that “Star Wars Episode 7” title has been revealed it’s expected that the upcoming spin off movies release dates will also be announced soon.


Abrams’ plot has been reported to make way for “at least three” spin off movies according to Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, during the company’s quarterly earning stockholders call.

It has long been rumored that Darth Vader’s notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett is going to have his very own stand-alone film.

Joining Boba Fett are Han Solo and Yoda’ very own movie as well.

Screenrant.com had a talk with the actor who played the role of the famous bounty hunter, Jeremy Bulloch in which he believes that his death in the original “Star Wars” movies paved way to Boba Fett’s fame and the said spin off film.

“No, I didn’t know anything at all.

You suddenly think to yourself, well that’s showbiz.

At least when I was told you were doing Return of the Jedi, they were asking for me back so it couldn’t be all that bad.

But you know, I think it was probably a little bit too quick in getting rid of him.

But as I said earlier, sometimes it works out where the character becomes quite popular and a discussion for them can happen.

People will say, “Hey did you see the way Boba Fett got snuffed, that was terrible.

Why did George do it?” And in a way I think it’s quite clever that they got rid of him and it kept everyone talking about him.” The rumor about “Star Wars” Boba Fett spin-off as part of the three movies to be released by Disney was first reported by Entertainment Weekly early last year saying that: “The Boba Fett film would take place either between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, or between Empire and Jedi, where the bounty hunter was last seen plunging unceremoniously into a sarlacc pit.

Exactly who would play him isn’t much of a complication – in the original trilogy, he never took off his helmet.

And in the prequels, we learned he was the son of the original stormtrooper clone, played by Temuera Morrison, who’s still the right age for the part if his services were required.” AMC Movie Talk conducted an interview with “Metalocalypse” director, Jon Schnepp who confirms the news adding that the “Empire Strikes Back” writer, Lawrence Kasdan was tapped to write the screenplay.

While Schnepp forgot to mention his source he did say, “he knows for a fact,” that the Boba Fett spin off movie is in the works.

Looks like Lucasfilm and its mother company Disney has given in to the fans demands believing that Boba Fett’s character is in need of a better exposure.

The “Star Wars” trilogy starting with episode 7 to be released next year will be followed by 7 and 8 scheduled to be released every other year, according to the plans set by Disney and director J.J.


During the in between years Disney is said to release movie spin offs featuring fan favorite characters, Boba Fett, Yoda and Han Solo.

The trilogy and spin off schedules are explained by AMC Movie Talk on their video podcast.

For more of the hottest and latest news on “Star Wars” spin off movies release date, spoilers and cast keep tuning in here at kpopstarz.com .

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