SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Hints At Possible Anniversary Album

SS501's Kim Hyung Jun Hints At Possible Anniversary Album
SS501's Kim Hyung Jun Hints At Possible Anniversary Album

The five members last stood together on stage in 2013, and now fans of SS501 are expressing excitement over a possible reunion.

SS501 released their last album, “Destination,” in 2010, but member Kim Hyung Jun’s Instagram update on April 13 revealed that there may be a SS501 reunion in 2015.

Other than his post, there is no confirmation, but fans commenting on Instagram hoped for a full group comeback.

The announcement comes months before the group’s tenth anniversary on June 8.

It is unknown whether Kim hinted to an upcoming album or anniversary concert.

Kim shared a picture from his studio featuring SS501’s albums displayed on a wall, with the comment “soon the blank space will be filled.” He added emojis of a smiley face and a person praying.

Without official confirmation from other members or any of their agencies, it is unclear whether Kim Hyung Jun teased about an official group comeback or else multiple members promoting together.

 In February, B2M Entertainment announced that SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong will release an album in April; it is unknown whether the other members will feature on his song.

The group never officially disbanded and promised fans that they will reunite, but new releases and reunions have eluded SS501 for five years.

Due to the five members being under multiple agencies, a full group reunion only occurred once since 2010, during the farewell performance for Heo Young Saeng before the SS501 member enlisted in the Korean army.

Heo is currently serving in the military as a policeman.

Three SS501 members, Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Hyun Joong, and Park Jungmin, have yet to serve in the Korean army but due to age requirements, the three members have to enlist within the next two years.

Leader Kim Hyun Joong postponed his enlistment due to personal issues surrounding the pregnancy of his ex-girlfriend, Choi.

SS501, pronounced “Double S Five Oh One,” was one of the first leaders of Hallyu in the mid and late 2000’s, and are still popular internationally, primarily in Japan and the Middle East.

Fans of the group expressed excitement and left questions in comments for Kim Hyung Jun, asking for more details.

“We want to see the five of you together again, and we will wait for all five of you to be together again..

No matter how long it will take! Because, we, TripleS [SS501’s fanclub] believe in you,” said firdaous_gtfc_ts on Instagram.

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